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"Ought To (02)" Cyber Model Car Contest
We would like to invite you to enter the Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories "Ought To (02)" Cyber Model Car Contest. 
The winner of this contest will have the distinction of being the first person in the World to win a model car contest in the year 2002. 
I will be posting the winning model at 12:01 AM GMT on 01/01/02. 
The winning model will be featured on our Home Page for the year.

The rules for the contest are simple.  You may enter up to three models and two pictures of each model.  Entries can be submitted by e-mail to or sent by snail mail to:

Cyber Model Car Contest
c/o Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories
8015 W. Laurel Lane
Peoria, AZ  85345

Please limit e-mail pictures to a size of 150 kb or less each
due to limited "Cyber Display Table" space.
  All entries must be received by 12/15/01.

The contest is open to all automotive related subjects (cars, trucks or motorcycles) and there will be one winning entry decided on by popular vote.  There may be only one verifiable vote submitted
per person/e-mail address***.

I will begin posting the entered photos on 11/15/01
and voting will be from 12/17/01 through 12/30/01.
  The winning entrant will receive
an award suitable for hanging and a $50.00
Arrowhead Aluminum Accessories Gift Certificate.

Good luck and we look forward to your entries!!!

***As this contest relies on the honor of all who enter, visit and vote, every vote submitted will receive
an e-mail reply confirming our receipt and, for that vote to count, the person receiving the notification
must reply to us to validate their vote.  Vote rigging is the most disrespectful thing that can be done by a person or persons in an effort to taint or sway an on-line contest.  We believe that everyone involved in modeling knows and understands how important it is to give these entrants the respect that they so deserve
for their hard work and talents.  Any flagrant attempt at vote rigging, i.e. using every address in an address book (20 or more consecutive votes for the same model in a one hour period is a pretty obvious attempt) to submit votes or submitting votes using a phony name or e-mail address, may disqualify that entry.

Thank you for your honesty and understanding in helping us to host
a fun,  fair and unbiased on-line model contest.